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ABC Sport is the name given to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's sport programming broadcasts on ABC Television and ABC Radio. It's a division of ABC Television and falls under the larger umbrella of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The brand, which includes the former ABC Radio Grandstand, is a section of the ABC News website (part of ABC Online) as of 2021​​.

ABC Sports Radio provides weekday morning and afternoon drive sportscasts and extended coverage on the weekends, offering listeners the headlines, big stories, and big names from all sports. They provide a full service audio cuts 24/7, with play-by-play highlights, special programming, big event coverage, and breaking sports news coverage​​.

Some interesting facts about ABC Sport include their special programming like the show "Offsiders", which is broadcast on ABC on Sunday mornings and reviews and debates the previous week's action. There's also Grandstand TV hosted by Peter Wilkins on weeknights at 5:30 pm. ABC Sport also holds the radio rights to several Australian and international sporting events, including the Australian Football League, National Rugby League, A-League, Olympics, Australian international cricket games and selected Ford Ranger One-Day Cup games, among other major sporting events​​.

Over the years, the radio station has had several notable staff and commentators, including Darrem Boyd, Peter Donegan, Peter Marcato, David Lithgow, David Rhys-Jones, Phil Cleary, Gary Ayres, Peta Searle, Ed Lower, Gerald Fitzgerald, Andy Collins, Rob Waters, and Ross Booth​​.

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